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theresa blount, Director/Owner

Little Angels Child Care, LLC

Location: 195 West Market Street, Apt 3C, Newark, NJ 07103 

Telephone: (973) 220-1716

Hours: 5:45am – 5:00pm

Ages: 1 month to 13 years

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Little Angels is conveniently located in the Central Ward, the heart of Newark which is the seat of Essex County. Two (2) blocks away are Essex County Courthouse, Essex County Division of Family Assistance and the Hall of Records. Also, within walking distance are New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Essex County Vocational School, Essex County College, Rutgers University(Newark Campus) and Seton Hall University(Newark Campus). Rutgers School of Dentistry and Rutgers University Hospital are across the street.

#WE SERVE & SUPPORT FIRST RESPONDERS. Just three (3) minutes from Newark Penn Station, parents that work in New York or South Jersey have access to NJ Transits Northeast Corridor, Raritan Valley Line, Morristown Line, North Jersey Coast Line, Amtrak and NY/NJ PATH train service.


*National Association for the Education Of Young Children

*New Jersey Association for the Education of Young Children

*National Association for Family Child Care

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*Grow NJ Kids Star Rated

*GNJK Essex County Ambassador

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Sabrina peebles, director/owner

Brian's Place, LLC.

Location: 68 Van Ness Place, Newark, NJ 07108

Telephone:  (201) 207-9755

Hours: 6:00am – 5:00pm

Ages: 1 month to 13 years

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At Brian's Place, I believe that all children are unique individuals who needs a secure, safety, caring and stimulating atmosphere - to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physical and socially. Helping children allowed me to develop a profound love for them as they warm my heart. My teaching strategies to support toddlers' language and early literacy learning by helping them to communicate their thoughts and feeling verbally and nonverbally. I keep activities interesting so that they are fun and spark children's curiosity. I do this by rotating materials and allowing children to ask questions and actively participate in learning.to support creativity I provide experiences for children to express themselves through play, art, music and rhythm.


Program For Parents

National Association for the Education of Young Children

New Jersey Association for the Education of Young Children

National Association for Family Child Care

Grow NJ Kids Star Rated

Child Development Associate ( CDA)

Bendue James, director/owner

home away from home child care, LLC.

Location: 15 Doby Place, Newark, NJ 07103

Telephone: (973) 902-6575

Hours: 5:45am – 5:00pm

Ages: 1 month to 13 years

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My teaching style for each student will be unique to the particular child. Some children are visual learners therefore, I use a lot of visual images that children can either see an example of the learning subject discussed that particular day or help them get a better understanding of what we are learning. Some children learn well by being able to physically use their hands, and so I use a more hands-on approach which allows them to be more creative and be able to understand the material by allowing them to try it out themselves. An example of that could be if we were learning about the structure of familiar buildings that we see around us; Instead of just showing pictures of those buildings, I would also allow the child to build their own building using blocks or maybe draw the actual visual. Some children are quick learners so that encourages me to use more advanced teaching skills to challenge their thinking. I do this by introducing them to more advanced reading material, vocabulary, and some independent learning. Some children may need more time to grasp certain material, so I use repetitive tactics, such as incorporating routine learning agendas. These are the four teaching methods I use for the children within my care.

Why Should You Invest in your Child’s Early Education?

Research states that children can’t build their brains on their own. Parents, Childcare Providers, and Caregivers are critical components to providing positive experiences to nurture the develop of children. The positive experiences that are prevalent in the first three years of a child’s life include: physical development, cognitive development, and social development.

More About Home Away from Home Child Care, LLC.

Every child has the ability to learn when they are introduced to a nurturing and loving learning environment. This is the main goal for my daycare and our overall purpose. We want to make sure that every child feels comfortable as if our daycare is their home. We also focus on hands-on learning in order to prepare each child to reach their milestones and to be fully prepared to enter their consecutive school grade, whether that is Pre-K 3, 4, or Kindergarten.


Jayvonna winn, Director/Owner

jayvonna winn's family childcare center

Location: 299 S 11th Street, 2nd Fl, Newark, NJ 07103

Telephone: (862) 318-4186

Hours: 7:00am – 11:00pm

Ages: 1 month to 13 years

At Jayvonna Winn's Family Childcare Center our motto is that “It takes a city to raise a child.” Furthermore, there are many purposes of this
program, they are the following:

● Provide healthy and nutritious meals for the child while enrolled within the program.

● Accommodate all work schedule hours for families with an availability of schedule of 24/7 child care services for the families needs and if possible provide transportation

● Create a lasting bond and relationship between parent and teacher with open communication through a warm and caring environment

● Enabling an enrichment of children’s knowledge with a professional curriculum based program geared toward self-care, health and education,
emotional development, identity, social presentation, and family and friends within the communitydynamic.

Without a question, safety is at the top our objective and we aim to ensure that our children’s wellbeing is
protected with many safety procedures put in place of any unforeseen circumstance.With this in mind, the
intention of this is to provide all the safety method and procedures that have been established to ensure
that your child’s basic needs are being accommodated towards the enrichment of a safe and nurturing
learning space. In addition to this the purpose of the handbook is a tool to answer unanswered questions
and my vow to encourage families to ask questions if they are unsure or don’t understand. I am always
available if you schedule a time to meet and discuss any matters at hand.

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